The "Rules" of Fashion

Posted on July 09 2014

Yesterday we posted a Refinery29 article about 5 fashion rules that are meant to be broken. With all due respect to Refinery29, we slept on it and have some further thoughts:

1. Never wear white to someone else’s wedding. Yes, we agree that you shouldn’t avoid white totally, but do feel that there is no need to wear a white dress when there are so many beautiful colors out there. You never know how a bride may feel about your decision...

2. Don’t let your bra straps show. We agree with the article. Deliberate bra straps ARE cool.

3. Shorts at work are an HR nightmare. In theory we fully support trouser style bermuda shorts at work, but do feel that shorts above the knee should be left out of the office.

4. Your grandma wears socks with sandals, you should not. We respectfully disagree on this one. This fashion rule should stick, if anything just because it’s too ironic.

5. Save the sparkle for nighttime. The “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” adage applies to sparkles too. We are in agreement and think that sparkles and sparkle accents are fun, feminine and fine for anytime.


These rules weren’t mentioned by Refinery29, but they should be broken:

1. Short girls shouldn’t wear long dresses. Long dresses that aren’t too bulky actually elongate the body!

2. Fuller figured women shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes. No, we should. It’s just another print after all AND nautical pieces are amongst our favorites!


R29 article here:

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