J.Crew's 000 is NOT Vanity Sizing

Posted on July 11 2014


Jcrew Vanity Sizing 000J.Crew made major news this week by announcing their new 000 size. Many claimed vanity sizing was to blame and J.Crew said it was created for the Asian market. So which is it? Here at Twelve North we believe J.Crew IS trying to accommodate the Asian market and we applaud them for that (though we’re mad they aren’t accommodating plus sizes, but that’s for another day.) Actually, we don’t believe J.Crew has a serious vanity sizing problem. If you look at size charts from J.Crew compared to other brands, even very contemporary brands, you will see that they are in fact very similar (we looked at J.Crew vs. Vince.) Also, we haven’t been able to fit in smaller sizes at J.Crew over the years, truthfully, we haven’t been able to fit into hardly anything.  We have an alternative theory. People are wearing J.Crew clothing wrong! J.Crew clothing is a little preppy, yet modern, work-inspired and classic at the core. It is a brand of popover tops and shift dresses. Much of their clothing is meant to be worn loosely, not tightly. These kinds of styles make fitting into smaller sizes than usual possible. We think this is behind the vanity sizing claim. People are simply fitting in smaller sizes because the clothing style allows it. Check out this shift dress currently for sale on J.Crew’s site. This dress has a straight fit. No definition of the waist, bust or hips. Many would probably be able to wear a size or two smaller in this, but would they be wearing it true to its’ design?
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