Mango launches Violeta in the US. Will it Fit?

Posted on July 21 2014

In very exciting news last week Spanish retailer Mango announced that its’ plus size line 
Violeta is available in the US as of 7/17. We loved this news! Sophisticated, stylish clothing now available in plus sizes! Then we took a closer look at Violeta...they offer from a size 8ish to 20ish (many different size ranges have been reported with top ends of  16 to 22.) Regardless, based on their size chart the sizing runs small and their 52 is much closer to an 18 than a 22.  Why leave out those who wear larger than an 18?  And why include those who wear below a 14? This sounds like a surefire way to provide shoppers with poor fitting garments because their fit models will likely be straight sized. Plus size women deserve brands and clothing that fit wonderfully. We believe that to create great fitting plus sized garments you must focus only on plus sizes. Nonetheless, this is good news overall especially for inbetweenies.  The more options the better! In the meantime we found a thorough review of Violeta’sfit from a European blogger: It will certainly be helpful if you need help determining your size in Violeta.
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