Our Fall Wish List Top 5

Posted on August 12 2014

1. Leather. We want a leather pencil skirt, and leather accented pants, and a leather jacket, for that matter. Leather adds such versalitily to an outfit. It can be preppy, edgy or glamorous.

2. Silk blouses. We want silk blouses that can be both prim and proper and sexy. We love silk blouses (like the one pictured below) that are partly sheer. You could wear it on a date or throw a blazer over it for the office

3. Skater skirt. We love the way skater skirts fit. We’d love one in a fun, textured tweed. It would be perfect for holiday parties, fancy tailgates, etc.

4. Field Jacket. We love the utilitarian look of field jackets.They can bring edge to an otherwise boring outfit and can bring downtown cool to a girly dress.

5. Sweatshirt. Of all the athletic inspired pieces we’ll see this Fall, we’re most excited about the resurgence of the sweatshirt. They are even coming in cashmere!Most wanted Fall pieces
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