Plus Size on Primetime

Posted on October 07 2014

Primetime television is a diverse place these days. It’s evident on shows like Scandal and Modern Family, but what is still missing is diversity in size. Racial and ethnic barriers have been broken, but there are few women over size 6 in lead roles! Is it hard to find real sized actresses or are networks purposefully leaving them off the air?

In our opinion, the few plus sized characters on TV today, lack style when compared with their counterparts...We’re dying to see a size 14 Olivia Pope or size 18 Samantha Jones. How much longer will we have to wait?

The one plus size lead is Melissa McCarthy who stars as Molly in Mike & Molly. Molly is a teacher turned writer with a stereotypical teacher’s style. She’s a conservative and subdued dresser, favoring dark colors and almost always covering up with a long cardigan or shapeless jacket.

There’s also Marietta Sirleaf (she goes by Retta) who has a supporting role on Parks and Recreation. Retta plays Donna Meagle an Office Manager who’s similar to Molly in style. Donna wears much brighter colors and layers less for a style that’s just a hint bold and sophisticated.

Lastly, there’s Kristen Vangsness who plays Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds. Her character is a quirky, but sexy computer genius. She dresses in prints and florals and usually has an embroidered sweater and heavy accessories, true geek chic. Kristen isn’t even truly plus size as she wears a between a 12 - 14.

As the fashion world changes to include more size variety, we hope the TV world does the same!
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