How to Layer without Adding Bulk

Posted on October 09 2014

It’s fall, the season of layering. This can be a scary thing for many women who fear it will add bulk to their silhouettes, but layering can actually flatter your curves and give the appearance of a more proportional figure if done right.

Layering Tips

  • Mix and match textures and materials!

  • Choose bottoms that are tailored

  • Make the first 2 layers more fitted to keep your shape streamlined

  • To emphasize your waistline, make the top layer a belted jacket OR add a skinny belt over the second layer

  • Keep in mind the lengths of your layers. Not all layers should be the same length, a longer outer layer should be paired with a shorter inner layer and vice versa.

How to Create a Great Layered Look

  1. Start with a basic, lightweight top. A solid, something striped or neutral will work, as will something from your warm weather wardrobe!

  2. Add another layer. Like a long cardigan, button down, sweater or pullover.  Add dimension with a bold color. Or stick to neutrals, like heather grey or taupe.

  3. For the last clothing layer add a jacket, blazer or light coat. You’ll want to pick a basic color and depending on your aesthetic you’ll want to make this layer darker than the previous. Colors that are good picks: navy, black, olive green (think military style jacket), camel or even hunter green which is very in right now

  4. Top it off with a scarf or long necklace

  5. Add on your accessories like bracelets, rings, watches, but steer clear of chunky necklaces. There is already plenty of action happening around your collarbone area.

plus size layering without the bulk
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