Halloween Costumes for Larger Sizes

Posted on October 12 2014

Costumes can be tricky for us larger sized gals. Sure, it’s easy enough to buy one of those prepackaged Halloween costumes on Amazon or at Party City. They can come up to a size 4x, like the “beer wench” costume pictured below, but the problem with many of these easy options is that not only are they cheaply made and unimaginative, but they are horribly SKIMPY. Though technically our size, they still don’t really cover much and just like mom says, “just because it’s your size, doesn’t mean it fits!” In this post we’ll go over some creative DIY options, as well as some of those prepacked options that are well suited for larger sizes.

If you are self concious about your tush hanging out and would rather be creative and comfortable, here are some of our favorite options:

  • Rosie the Riveter. All you need is blue jeans, a denim shirt, a red bandana and a vintage hair style. Easy hair tutorial can be seen here​

Image from WonderHowTo

Original inspiration, Rosie the Riveter. Her bandana was holding pin curls in place as she went to work in factories during wartime.

  • Flamingo. How cute and creative is this? What you’ll need is dark pink leggings (similar on Amazon), toucan nose  that is spray painted black (similar at Amazon),  and 10 or so pink boas safety pinned together at the seams (from Amazon, JoAnn Fabric or Party City)

Image and inspiration from Love, Lipstick and Pearls blog


  • Sailor. How easy is this? You probably have a striped dress from the summer. Pair it with red shoes and sailor accessories found at Party City or Amazon. You could also substitute a striped tee and navy bottoms.

If you like the ease of an out of the box costumes here are a few that we think are great:

  • Flight attendant. This just long enough pencil skirt and and strategically placed peplum make this a flattering and comfortable choice. Not to mention, it's sexy! It’s sold out many places, but Amazon still has some in plus sizes here!


  • Ursula from the Little Mermaid. How cool is this Ursula costume? The length and thickness of this, along with the cool details make this a top choice. It's available here

As mentioned above here is an image of the beer wench costume. It does come up to 4x, but it was just sooo short and the stockings were so tight they kept rolling down. Clearly, the proportions were not changed for plus sizes. That is the difference between the costumes mentioned above and the beer wench. Whatever costume you decide on, make sure it's specifically made for plus sizes and not just a scaled up version of a size 2!

beer wench costume
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