The Plus Size Industry: An Insider's Perspective

Posted on November 03 2014

Do you all remember Emme? She was the top plus size model in the nineties, before she was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer in 2007. Now at the age of 51 she is getting back into plus size modeling and the business side of the industry. Emme sat down with Women's Wear Daily and gave her opinions on the industry. We briefly summarize the article below, but check it out here.

Emme knows first hand the intricacies of shopping as a plus sizes woman. She's working to make shopping better by getting more brands to expand into plus sizes using licensing deals. Emme feels some of the challenges of being a full figured woman today comes from the lack of diversity within the plus size industry.

With 68% of the U.S. female population being a size 12 and above, it's shocking how this large group of women are not fully being represented.

This mannequin found in a Manhattan JC Penny is modeled off an actual plus size women. This is the type of diversity that is missing in the industry now.JC Penny plus size mannequin
You see some plus size models, but mostly sizes 12 and below, which isn’t representative. Most designers rarely feature full figured women in their ad campaigns (like Calvin Klein), and many don’t even make clothing for them. In Emme’s opinion, Europe does plus size better. Not only are more diverse models portrayed throughout, but their brands fit better.

Twelve North is excited about the steps Emme is taking to improve the plus size industry. With such a large percentage of women being full figured, it's shocking how it is still a struggle to get more stores and designers to pay attention. We agree with Emme and her thoughts on how Europe approaches plus size. We are excited to be carrying some of these brands for next season. We are also committed to diversity, our clothing will be featured on models that represent this.
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