What We're Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Posted on November 27 2014

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. We love the traditional food, being with our families and the sentiment behind the holiday. We’re thankful for so many things, but, thought we would take a moment to think about our closets and what they hold that we’re thankful for. We are, of course, thankful for our trendier and fancier items, but we're most thankful for the more basic pieces. Check out our list below:

1. Leggings. We couldn’t get through fall and winter without a pair of leggings. Though we know that leggings aren’t officially pants, we love that we can wear them with longer tops and even dresses.
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2. Sweatpants. What girl could live without a comfy pair of sweatpants?

3. Comfortable flats. Yeah, we love a pair of high heels, too, but what we’re thankful for this year are all the great, stylish flats out there. They keep our feet happy and our look on trend.

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4. Spanx. No explanation needed. We’re thankful for Spanx for making us look smooth under fitted dresses and for keeping the friction to a minimum in summer dresses...

5. Puffy Coats. We’re thankful for these huge coats because they allow us to wear whatever we want underneath them while keeping us warm.

6. Basic Tees. We’re thankful for soft, basic tees that we can use as layering pieces and as part of a casual outfit. These can be hard to find, so stock up when you find some you love!

7. Statement Necklaces. These necklaces make an outfit. You could literally wear a t-shirt, jeans that make an outfit out of nothing.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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