The Year to Come

Posted on December 30 2014

We spent the later part of 2014 blogging about all things fashion. We reported on trends and our brand crushes ranging from contemporary Milly to Scandinavian plus size brand JUNAROSE. We posted ideas on how to transform our favorite celebrity looks (Taylor Swift’s and Kate Middleton’s looks for example) into great plus size outfits. We also caught readers up on the latest plus size industry news, including the J.Crew’s vanity sizing and Calvin Klein’s so-called plus size lingerie model.  

As we look back at 2014, we become more excited about what 2015 will bring...we haven’t blogged about it much, but now’s our chance. Our online store will launch in mid February! We will carry a curated assortment of contemporary plus size clothing, including pieces by our brand crush, JUNAROSE. Twelve North will be a unique place to shop; our shopping experience is based on our beliefs which include:

1.  Clothing enhances a woman, but does not make a woman.

2.  Size does not matter. Everyone should love their bodies and deserves to love the clothing that they choose to wear.

3.  Quality matters. Our pieces are not meant for one season, but are fabricated to last.

4.  Getting dressed is fun! It is an artform and a means of self expression that should not be limited by size.

We hope you will follow us on social media for more information on our launch plans! 

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