Top 5 Winter Accessories

Posted on January 22 2015

Our favorite accessories buyer, Alexandra Dortch, is back to share her winter must haves with us. Below are her 5 favorite winter accessories:  
Capes/wraps:    So chic and SO warm! Bundle up with sophisticated fur trimmed cape or wrap to make those cold winter mornings less unbearable! 
Plus size cape
Super Oversized Scarf: Wearing the super oversized scarf with any type of outwear will make you look super fashionable and Fashion Week ready. These scarves are no longer just for Mary Kate and Ashley!
oversized plaid scarf
Stacking Rings: Put on as many as you want- as long as you can still use your fingers!
stackable rings
Flat Chelsea Boots: These will be key for the winter months when you don’t want to put on your bulky snow boots to battle the icy streets. Try finding a pair with rubber soles that can handle street salt.
chelsea boots
Ear Cuffs: What was once a trend only worn by models on the runway is now all over the red carpet and the streets of NYC. You can keep it simple or show a little bit of your personality with spikes and studs!
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