We Want More Model Diversity!

Posted on February 16 2015

Ashley Graham, Robyn Lawley. Both gorgeous models are in The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. One as a feature model and one as a model in a paid advertisement. Both represent progress in the quest for equality for plus size women in the fashion and media industries. Though diverse in size, both also have perfectly proportional figures. We’re over being insulted by a size 10 constituting a ‘plus size model’ and we’re onto the lack of diversity in modeling. 

  (from Right:  Chantelle Winnie in Desigual, Robyn Lawley in SI Swimsuit February 2015, and Ashley Graham in Swimsuits for All Ad)

We do recognize the progress that has been made. Kudos to Sports Illustrated to opening up to diverse advertisers like Swimsuits for All. Bravo to Milk Model Managment for signing the size 22 beauty, Tess Munster. And congratulations to Spanish brand Desigual for featuring Chantelle Winnie, the America’s Next Top Model contestant with  vitiligo, as the face of their brand. People come in so many beautiful shapes, why aren’t they represented in the modeling industry? Why is the hourglass shape, which accounts for less than 8% of women the gold standard?

In support of this progress and as an effort to keep it moving forward, we decided to do sort of an ice bucket challenge. In the frigid New York February, we had our founder put on a bikini and pose in the snow in support of body diversity. We’re hashtagging it #moremodeldiversity. Let's change things. All shapes are beautiful.

Will you join us in this effort? Even if its an old photo of you in a swimsuit, will you repost and tag it with #twelvenorth and #moremodeldiversity in support of more diversity in models ?

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