Our 5 Favorite Spring Beauty Trends

Posted on March 04 2015

1. Negative Space Manicures

Negative-Space Manicures are the newest nail trend. These sophisticated designs are easy to do and give you the opportunity to really get creative. Lucky for you if you are someone who prefers a basic manicure, light and delicate colors are in this spring season. The palest pink and a chic nude will keep your nails on trend.

                   plus size nail trends                   plus size nail trends

2. Lined Eyes

Bold, black liquid eyeliner is a must have in your beauty bag for the spring season. From clean and thin lines for a more casual look, to bold and thick lines for a dramatic look, this trend looks great on everyone.

                        plus size eye makeup                      plus size eye makeup

3. Brown Eyeshadows

When it comes to eyeshadows, browns of any shade are the way to go for the spring season. From a light taupe color to a deep dark bronze, there is bound to be a brown eyeshadow to compliment all skin tones and eye colors. Brown eyes should go for a golden brown, blue eyes look best with warm browns and green eyes pop with deep browns. We LOVE Urban Decay’s Palettes, that come with a set of brown shadows and a base and liner.


4. High Impact Lips

Lipstick is an easy and trendy way to instantly change the season of your look. As seen on the runway, this season is all about the rich super saturated colors. Instead of opting for the basic red lipstick, a deep berry lipstick gives a more edgy look, and a bright orange-red will give you a fun day time look. They key is to make the lipstick look soft around the edges by using your finger to blot it.

                       plus size beauty trend                  plus size beauty trend

5. Undone Hair

In contrast of spring’s romantic prints, bright colors and shiny embellishments the look of the season is messy buns and loose air dried tresses. This natural look is low maintenance and feels lighthearted and young. Blowouts might not be necessary, but keeping up with your color and length is important to keep us this look. 


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