Celeb Style Envy: Charlize Theron in All White

Posted on March 21 2015

We love Charlize Theron's red carpet style. She often stays under the paparazzi's radar, but earlier this week we came across this gem. This post is about more than Charlize's style. It is about helping createva flawless all white look in plus sizes. 

Charlize Theron is the epitome of modern glamor in an all white ensemble she wore recently in Australia. White has gotten a bad rap for us plus size ladies, but when worn right white is wonderful on all sizes.  White can be tough because in some materials it is sheer, meaning lumps and dimples show through. It’s also difficult to keep it looking fresh and clean. On the flip side, white is chic and complements many complexions. When in head to toe white or even just white bottoms you are making a fashion statement.

We love the simplicity of Charlize Theron’s outfit. A few things about the silhouette of it should change for plus size proportions.

1.   At 5’10 at 120 pounds, skinny legged, relaxed pants look great on Charlize. For plus sizes we recommend either a fuller leg pant to create balance OR a structured more fitted pant in a thicker fabric. Both with higher waists. Both of our picks are from Lafayette 148. Their pieces are very high quality and will last for seasons.    

Shop these plus sizes: Wide Leg Plus Size Linen Pants -- Fitted White Ankle Pants

2.   Charlize’s sheer silk button-down blouse is gorgeous, but for fuller figures we’d pick a more substantial fabric (like crepe) or a mixed material top that has some sheer parts and others opaque. We've picked a plus size sleeveless option with sheer detail and a sleeved option with satin accents. Both add interest and will look great tucked in.

Shop these plus sizes: Sleeveless Top -- Satin Accent Top

3.   Keep the jacket fitted. A sleeker fitting plus size blazer will keep proportion when paired with wide leg pants. We've picked a collarless open version and a one-button version, both are great!

Shop these plus sizes:  One Button Blazer -- Open Collarless Blazer

4.   For Accessories, keep it simple. A white ceramic watch is a great choice, stud earrings would also add the right amount of detail. Nothing else is needed. We've picked simple black high heel sandals like Charlize's, but wedges would also work especially with a wider pant leg.

Shop: White Watch -- Black Sandals

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