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Posted on April 08 2015

Something is happening in the American plus size retail industry. From Calvin Klein to Lane Bryant the framing of being plus size is changing. Look at Myla Dalbesio in Calvin Klein’s lingerie ads, the proliferation of “booty envy," and most recently the Lane Bryant #ImNoAngel campaign. Check out the below photos of Lane Bryant's ads through the decades as proof.

No longer are plus size women constantly made to feel as though they should cover up. No longer are they relegated to the way, way back of department stores. And no longer are they stereotyped as the unsexy, funny sidekick.  Now there are body-concious clothing options to showcase ample figures. Companies are realizing the sales potential of plus size departments.

Now “plus size” and “curves” are synonymous with “sexy”.

A couple of weeks ago we blogged about the #DropThePlus social media campaign. This campaign’s goal is to get rid of the supposedly stigmatizing “plus size” label for models. We think this week’s #ImNoAngel campaign trumps #DropThePlus. If plus size models continue to be portrayed and lauded for being beautifully sexy, “plus size” loses its stigma. 

Actually, we feel that #ImNoAngel takes the conversation a step further.

Sure the ad and the hashtag are considered a direct punch in Victoria’s Secret’s face, but #ImNoAngel has more meaning.

Angels are sweet and innocent.By claiming you’re not an angel, you’re kind of insinuating a lack of innocence and a hint of provocativeness and sensuality...What we’re saying is this campaign does more than paint plus size women as sexy. It paints them as sultry, sexual beings who exist in all their perfect imperfection so much more than Victoria’s Secret Angels.

lane bryant 1950's ad       lane bryant 90's ad       #imnoangel lane bryant ad   

                 The evolution of Lane Bryant's ads through the decades        



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