#TopTwelve: Tel Aviv

Posted on August 05 2015

Welcome to the first of our #TopTwelve travel posts. We'll give you the lowdown on cities around the world and our 12 favorite things about them all from a plus size perspective.  Plus size shopping tips included! 

Tel Aviv is a bustling, modern metropolis in a country known mostly for its’ antiquities.  It’s often described as a bubble, separated from the conflicts of the Middle East and inhabited by young people living for the now. We visited Tel Aviv this summer while in Israel for a wedding. It has something for everyone from the gorgeous Mediterranean to art museums and a young vibrant energy that really makes it special.  

Now let’s get dressed shall we?

1.  Numa. Colorful plus size pieces all made in Israel! 169 Ibn Gavriol

A few of Numa's pieces 

2.  Onot. This store has ONLY plus sizes! They carry basics as well as some trend-driven pieces that are a little too trendy, but worth a look. They have good prices, great sales, and sell online. Multiple locations.

3. Adika Curve. This straight size store has a “Curve” department for plus sizes. Overall, it’s a little bit Urban Outfitters, a little bit Gap. This website has great many options and fair prices. It's primarily online, but has pop up shops often. 

Wanna work out?

4. Paddle Boarding at Sunset. Have you ever tried this? What a way to experience sunset on the Mediterranean! If you haven’t tried paddle boarding, you must. It’s a great upper body and core workout, since you’re balancing and moving your body on the water.   


5. Krav Maga Class. Krav Maga is the martial art of Israel. It’s used in the Israeli army and is great for self defense. Try out a class with the experts, there are multiple locations around Tel Aviv where English is spoken.

Wanna keep up the pretty?

6. Day trip to the Dead Sea Have a spa day at the Dead Sea. Complete with rich mud masks and a soak in the mineral filled sea. 

Let’s grab a bite?

Instead of focusing on just specific places to eat, here are a few menu highlights of eating in Tel Aviv:

7. Shakshuka. This savory egg dish can be eaten for any meal. It’s North African in origin and is basically eggs poached in a spiced tomato sauce. There are MANY variations, so many in fact that there are restaurants devoted to it. Try Shakshukia for a delicious take on the dish. 

8. Israeli Breakfast. You must experience this at least once. Israeli breakfast is a spread of eggs, breads, salads, cheese and dips. There's no such thing as “just a bowl of cereal” in this city. Most restaurants will have an Israeli breakfast on the menu. There’s typically an option to order it for two people and it comes with a juice and a warm drink.

9. Hummus/Falafel/Schwarma. These dishes are what people think of when they think of middle eastern cuisine. Tel Aviv has some of the best in the world. Restaurants serving these are everywhere. Try asking your hotel or taxi driver their favorite. The pita are out of this world!

Let’s go for a stroll...

We think one of the best ways to be a tourist is simply to walk around. There is so much to experience just by strolling a city’s streets. Some cities are better suited for this (think, New York City, Paris..) Tel Aviv is one of these. Here are a few awesome areas to explore by foot:

10. Carmel Market (Shuk). Great open air market featuring fresh produce, spices, olives. You’ll see great diversity here and get a sense of the locals. Stock up on za'atar and other indigenous spices if you're a home cook! 

11. Florentine. Kind of like Tel Aviv’s version of Williamsburg. Formerly gritty and part industrial, this neighborhood is being revived by young people looking for economical rents.

OMG I need coffee!

12. Tel Aviv has major coffee culture. There are countless cafes that specialize in coffee and baked goods. You really can’t go wrong. One thing to note is that there are two types of iced coffee. What they call iced coffee is actually a blended frappucino-like coffee, what us Americans call iced coffee is “cold coffee” to Israelis. We recommend checking out Basma Coffee in neighboring Jaffa, also known as the "old city". 

 Have you been to Tel Aviv? What are your favorites?



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  • Liz: August 24, 2015

    What a great concept for a blog series! I know next to nothing about Tel Aviv, especially not from a tourist perspective, so this was a great introduction. I love that you’ve included plus size shopping options. That’s defintely something I seek out whenever I travel!


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