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Posted on September 24 2015

How to find the best jumpsuit

Rompers, overalls and jumpsuits. They’ve been increasing in popularity over the last couple of seasons. Admittedly, we’d never thought to give this trend a try in the warm months, mainly because shorts are an issue for us. Are they for you? We figured plus size shorts are hard enough to find on their own, let alone attached to a top...Then there’s the issue of chaffing. It take a very special pair of shorts to protect our thighs from rubbing together to the point of pain, but we digress.

Now that it’s cooling down and pants jumpsuits are showing, we’re thinking of giving this trend a try. We love that jumpsuits can go so many ways. They can look utilitarian/minimalist, they can look boho/romantic and they can look chic.

When picking a plus size jumpsuit these are the things you must pay attention too:

CHOOSE THE RIGHT FABRIC. Stretch is a must. A lot of it. Depending on the construction, you’ll be pulling this on by putting your bottom through the top portion of the garment. For hippy and pear shaped plus size ladies this can be tough, but stretch solves it and allows your different sized top and bottom to fit well.
FIND A RELAXED FIT. The fit of a jumpsuit should not be tight. You may need to size up to get this effect. You’re not getting a jumpsuit to look like Catwoman afterall. You’re getting it to look chic and effortlessly put together.


STRIVE FOR BALANCE IN YOUR LOOK. Some jumpsuits are dropwaist others hit at the natural waist, don’t try and turn one into the other. Depending on your body type one will naturally look better. 


PICK THE RIGHT COLOR. We prefer black. Yes, yes, we’re in New York, where black is practically a uniform, but for our first jumpsuit we’re going with black. You can alway dress it up with accessories, but a black jumpsuit is the equivalent of a LBD.

Mynt 1792 Wide Leg Jumpsuit

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