A Day in the Life of a Plus Size Model

Posted on October 07 2015

We're excited to have musician, model, radio host and close friend of Twelve North, Meredith Shaw, guest blog about plus size modeling! This is what modeling is really like. Here's Meredith's account of a day of shooting for Dare Magazine as well as her tips for aspiring models. A big thanks to Meredith for sharing!

Meredith Shaw Plus Size Model

Meredith's Dare Magazine Fall 2015 Cover

6:00 am

Alarm goes off. I hit snooze.

modeling call time

6:15 am 

Actually get out of bed and head straight to the shower. I can't wake up this early without much water falling all over me to really get me up.

7:00 am 

Grab my model bag, my gym bag, my breakfast & my reusable coffee mug. Head out the door.

7:05 am 

Stop in at my fav local coffee shop Mercury and get a double shot Americano with almond milk + loads of cinnamon.

8:00 am 

Arrive on set to shoot the Fall Cover of DARE Magazine . Start drooling over the clothing and accessory picks I'll be wearing on set. 
hair and makeup
All the goodies, I'll be wearing and before/after of yours truly 

8:30 am 

Finally stop drooling over all the fab wardrobe pieces and actually sit down in the hair & make up chair.

9:45 am 

After every part of my face has been painted, contoured, gleamed and powdered and every strand of my hair has been sprayed and curled and tousled we begin to shoot...like the NATURAL beauty that I am :)

12 pm 

The team breaks for lunch and I sit down with EIC of Dare Magazine Diana DiPoce to do an interview that will accompany the Cover. I blush talking about myself, but she makes it easy.

12:30 pm 

After we wrap the interview I hop on my phone to catch up with emails (let's be real, I'm checking Instagram...) call my agent and grab some food. Gotta keep that energy up.

1:00 pm 

Back in the hair & make up chair for touch ups and then I head to set to shoot the final looks of the day.

3:00 pm 

We wrap. I make a list of all the new wardrobe pieces i must go out and buy (sometimes I get lucky and they send me home with a few..today is not that day)
final product of modeling
finished product 

3:45 pm  

I arrive at Reach Personal Training - yes, with full make up and hair - they've gotten used to my overly glam ways. I get a nice sweat sesh in. This is something I never used to do, by the way...workouts were always the first thing to get cut on a busy day. Not any more! This is now a priority for me because it in fact keeps me healthy & happy and GIVES me energy. That was a tough lesson for me learn. It took many years, but I now know it's true and it's changed my life.

4:45 pm 

Sit in Toronto rush hour traffic. Oh joy. Have a major car dance party. music is my LIFE. Call my best friend. 

5:45 pm 

Arrive at 104.5 Chum Fm and prep my radio show. 

7:00 pm 

I go on air for 5 hours. This may seem like a long time, but fear not, I am not talking that whole time. Not even close. We play loads of great music and it is my job to keep the party going, provide some interesting info in between tunes and just generally be hilarious. NBD.

12:15 am 

Get home. Wash my face, ALWAYS, no matter how tired I am (thanks mum). I moisturize, I eye cream, I PJ, then....BEEEEEEEDDDDD. Fall asleep immediately.


It's a busy life, but I wouldn't have it any other way. No two days are the same and as you can see I pack them FULL. On the flip side to all this work, I play. I think that balance is key otherwise what the heck are we working so hard for? I MAY have left out that time of day where inevitably I have a cookie(s)...and that other time in the day where I inevitably get lost. Yes, even with GPS, yes even though i've lived in this city my whole life. Shhhhhh.

My advice for aspiring plus size models is to get to know your industry. Do some research. Who are the top photographers? Who are the up and comers? Start working on your book even before you reach out to an agent. If you have reached out and have gotten turned down ask them to be honest as to why. If you want to work on that 'why' go for it. Take care of your body, your skin, your hair, your nails. Look at every magazine and brand look book you can get your hands on, Study the models and how they move. Find your angles. This is a job that you can and must prep for. Turn that 'dream' into a goal by breaking it down into achievable steps and don't let ANYBODY stop you! 

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