How to Wash Your Embellished Dresses

Posted on December 08 2015

It's holiday party season again! That festive time of year when we break out the sequins and embellished necklines and HOPE to not spill red wine or drop veggie dip on ourselves. However, because of, well, reality, how to clean dresses with sequins becomes a real issue. No one wants to damage that totally glam dress they're planning to wear to another fete or New Year's Eve. The holidays are a no-brainer for sequins, but we advocate sequins all year long, so this tips are important to keeping your fancier bejeweled dresses in good shape.

Here's the scoop on how to clean dresses with sequins and/or embellishment so you'll be ready for your next holiday party: 

Ombre Shift Dress


Spot Cleaning

If you've only got a small stain and your piece is still pretty fresh, think about spot cleaning.  Try a gentle detergent (like Woolite)  and be sure to rub gently.  You don't want to loosen the sequins with too vigorous a rub a dubbing.

Hand Wash

It takes a bit more effort but it will be totally worth it.


The fabric behind the sequins is what you're really looking to clean when it comes to your sequin dress. Turn your frock inside out to reach that fabric. Again, pick a gentle detergent. 

Swish the dress about in the tub or a bucket to clean the fabric and remove stains, if the stains are stubborn us a washcloth and gently blot them. 

Air Dry



The dryer is clearly off the table, so to dry your piece drip dry for a bit and then air dry on a towel.  Don't wring it out! That would be sequin murder.

See, you don't have to fret about spills and accidents any longer. With these tips your dress will be ready to go any time you want!

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